Portrait of President Claire E. Sterk

Letter from President Claire E. Sterk

It is my pleasure to present the 2017 annual report for Emory University.

As one of the nation’s preeminent liberal arts research universities, Emory strives to advance the common good through research, teaching, and service. The extraordinary energy of our talented community propels our work forward. Though our areas of expertise vary, we find shared purpose in our mission to “create, preserve, teach, and apply knowledge in the service of humanity.”

In fulfilling that mission, Emory faculty, staff, and students commit to seeking a more just and sustainable future for all. I am proud of everything we have accomplished together this past year, and I eagerly anticipate the advances that lie just around the corner.

The creation of new knowledge brings opportunities to confront daunting challenges. Much is at stake for the current generation. Our society faces questions about the future of health care, the sustainability of our earth and its resources, and our ability to engage in meaningful dialogue with those who differ from us — the very heart of what it means to be a democracy.

At Emory, striving for excellence means staying engaged with these challenges. It means bringing together the most brilliant and creative minds to collaborate in ways that only we can, serving as an incubator for research and a driver for compassionate innovation. And it means building character and courage among the students we educate in the amazing international laboratory that is the city of Atlanta.

In this report, you will find stories of our impact in the classroom, in the clinic, in Atlanta, and in the world. These stories are just a slice of the transformative contributions that the people of Emory make every day.

The work of our community members across our nine schools and colleges has never been more urgently needed. We need graduates who possess the critical thinking skills to set them on a lifelong path of leadership and service. We need faculty and staff who relentlessly pursue knowledge and advance our ability to serve around the world. 

How do we educate, discover, teach, and learn during times of upheaval in higher education — or, for that matter, during times of rapid global change? How do we foster respectful, ongoing dialogue?

This annual report highlights ways in which Emory has approached and offered solutions to these questions in the past year. It also looks forward, reminding us that the quest for new knowledge is lifelong, and that learning itself — the life of the mind, with all its attendant joys and responsibilities — is a privilege we must never take for granted.

Thank you to each member of the Emory community for your contributions and for your passion.


Claire E. Sterk

Annual Report