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President Claire E. Sterk

Learn what makes our president tick and the path she took to the presidency, from her research interests in addiction, mental health, and HIV/AIDS to her extensive administrative experience, from her community service in Atlanta to the fact that she hails from the Netherlands and speaks four languages.

Claire E. Sterk brings bold vision, international standing as a researcher in public health and anthropology, and far-reaching administrative experience to her role. She is the author of powerful works—including Tricking and Tripping: Prostitution in the Era of AIDS, and Fast Lives: Women Who Use Crack Cocaine—and more than 100 articles and book chapters. As provost, she focused on optimizing the Emory undergraduate student experience, and faculty excellence and diversity, as well as leading the University’s strategic planning. Sterk earned her PhD in sociology from Erasmus University in Rotterdam and a doctorandus degree in medical anthropology from the University of Utrecht.

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Our University Leadership

Quality of leadership is an Emory strength, based not only on individuals of character and commitment but also on the remarkable level of coordination that each leadership group at the University demonstrates—starting with the president’s Leadership Council, which represents nine key divisions.