The Start of a Great Semester

Dear Emory Community,
With the summer ending, we’re finally back on campus! Over the past weekend, I felt the Emory energy and the perpetual motion of students, faculty, and staff in action—thinking, dreaming, striving, pursuing, and achieving your greatest ambitions.I know that each one of you has goals for this fall semester. Your tremendous talent and creativity will help you reach and, eventually, transcend them. Each of you brings special perspectives and experiences to our campuses. You have so much to share with each other and learn from one another. That’s the beauty of the brilliant and diverse Emory community.My advice for the new academic year is to take those qualities and apply them boldly as you immerse yourselves in Emory. Ask questions. Engage with fields and disciplines that are outside your specialty. Find joy, creativity, and purpose in what you are doing. There is always a lesson to be absorbed and something new to discover.So go on, dive in, and enjoy everything Emory has to offer. I look forward to seeing you on campus. 

Gregory L. Fenves