Poet Ada Limón in a teal blue blouse at the microphone speaking to President Gregory L. Fences

A Poet Laureate Discusses the Power of Human Creativity in the Age of AI

One Big Question: September 28, 2023

E6: Ada Limón

Ada Limón is United States Poet Laureate and the author of six books of poetry, which have earned her many prestigious awards, including the National Book Critics Circle Award for Poetry and a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Her poetry vividly explores the majesty of the natural world, the frailty of human memory and relationships, the destruction wrought by modern society, love, joy, humor, pain, awe, and numerous ethereal qualities with startling lyrical strength. As poet laureate, she has engaged in many projects and events to support poetic expression, including a collaboration with NASA and the Library of Congress that will send a new poem 1.8 billion miles to the Jupiter system via the Europa Clipper spacecraft.

In this episode, Emory President Gregory L. Fenves talks with Limón about the mystery and majesty of poetry, her experiences as poet laureate, and the importance of human artistic expression in the age of AI.

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